The following are some of the open source projects I work on.

  • elementQuery

    JavaScript 631 75

    An element query polyfill you can use today.

  • viewportSize

    JavaScript 326 44

    Get the size of the CSS viewport using JavaScript.

  • getEmPixels

    JavaScript 58 10

    Allows you to accurately obtain an element's em value in pixels using JavaScript.

  • picturefill

    JavaScript 69 3

    A Responsize Images approach that you can use today!.

  • directional-scss

    CSS 50 5

    Makes supporting CSS for left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) easy with Sass.

  • viewportTester

    JavaScript 1 0

    Bookmarklet that shows the CSS viewport size.

  • breakpointInspector

    JavaScript 5 0

    View the CSS media queries used on a page.

  • GetDevicePixelRatio

    JavaScript 47 6

    An easy way to get the device pixel ratio of a screen using JavaScript.

  • GetDevicePixelWidth

    JavaScript 3 1

    An easy way to get the actual pixel width of a screen using JavaScript.